Sunday, August 25, 2013

I hope you will like my new improved blog site.  I hired Karen from Valentine Design to change the look.  Thank you, Karen.
Even though I am still creating art using paint and on canvas, I have now added a new media.
Recently I took an online course for the second year from Artful Gathering, this year from Riki Schumacher, who taught a soldering with a butane torch workshop.  I have so enjoyed working in this new medium.  Last year I learned a little bottle craft that could turn a plain bottle into an old ancient looking jug.
This is basically the same principle used to make jewelry but I am more focused on charms and dangling things to use to add "bling" to ordinary decor in our homes.
Last night I completed a bottle that started out as a clear bottle holding wine vinegar to which I added on to it, various paper, paint, and "junk", then I attached a little metal book I made from copper, soldering findings to it, then attached it to the bottle
My mind is a buzz with ideas.  

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  1. I love your creative bottle!!! You are very talented - wish I could solder! Love the look of your just have to keep gets easier but I have to be in the mood or its like pulling teeth to do it!