Monday, March 30, 2015

Wow, it has been almost a year since I posted ..... It's been a hard year but life is settling back into place and my studio feel like the spot I want to be in again.
Recently I started a new series called Veiled Thoughts. I rather like the thought of feelings that are hidden from view yet they do affect who we are and create a personal texture to our lives.

                                        24"x30" canvas 2"deep. Acrylic paint and collage.
                                         22"x28" canvas 1"deep. Acrylic paint and collage..  
                                        12"x!6" on canvas board.  Acrylic paint and collage..  
Each painting had a story of sorts and thoughts that I pondered.  Thoughts not ready to be shared with everyone I meet. 

Last summer I took a class at Roses on my Table and these are some of the paintings from that session Each painting has a transfer from a famous painting and my story added to it. 

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